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Enjoy the Mexican Gulf With One Of Our Yachts

You want to go on an open sea and enjoy throughout the day? You want to fish and leave all the problems on the land? If you found one of those questions relevant, then welcome, you have found the right place. We rent yachts. We also do more than that; we rent our time to provide a full experience of a cruise to each and every one of our customers.

The composition of our fleet

Entering a market, as developed as the rental business, is very hard. And due to that, we decided to take it by the storm. Instead of starting with a boat or two, we have created a fleet of yachts for our customers. The composition of our fleet can be explained in a single word, and that word is diversity.

In this business, the diversity is everything. We can offer cruises other companies can’t, simply because we have a broad range of different boats in our port. We offer both the multi and monohull ships. The difference is mostly cosmetic, but we try to appeal to a broad audience.

Miami has a wide variety of people, from well-known celebrities to people that want to rent a boat as a part of their vacation. We have both small and big boats, and we rent them all. The price of the rental depends on the length of the ship and different services customer requests.

We connect yacht owners with the clients

Entering a rental business with a fleet would be extremely expensive if we bought all of the boats we have. Instead of that, we have created a very simple network of yacht owners that work for us. Our headquarters are in Miami, and so we decided to call this system a Miami yacht party rental.

This is a simple system that makes all of the parties within it satisfied. We contact people with yachts and offer them charters through which they can earn money to cover the maintenance expenses as well as the mortgage loan.

If they accept, they become a part of our fleet. We list their boat on our web page and wait for a customer to ask for it. Once that happens, we arrange the cruise route with the owner and we finish the final contract details with both parties.

This system is very rewarding, for us, for the yacht owners and the clients. We get a small portion of the money as we are the central figure that connects the two parties. Owners get their share, and they get a step closer to owning the boat and repaying the mortgage. And the clients experience great voyage with a captain that knows everything about the ship and everything else connected to the sailing.
Our entry in rental business isn’t some short-term plan. We improve the conditions of the fleet and introduce new boats to it on a daily basis. Miami is just a beginning. We plan to expand our fleet and, if possible, create a new one.

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