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If you are living close to Miami Florida, then you must check out the party buses that we are offering. These buses are nothing similar to what you are used to seeing or travelling with. The buses that we own are specially designed to give our clients the most memorable experience in their lives. This experience will change forever the way you are looking at buses. Of course, these buses are not meant for everyday use to get to work, there are called party buses for a reason. They are made and equipped with the latest equipment for partying all night.

Yes, you heard it right, a bus that is completely modified for a unique style of partying. If you think that you have been to all types of parties and you know everything, ask yourself again because you most likely didn’t try the bus partying. Once you try this type of parties, you will never want to go back to regular parties because, with these buses, you are locked in with your friends or family members only to party all night.

In many ways, these buses offer a completely new style of partying and they also offer some of the regular things that you can see at a party. Few things are that are necessary things to have at a party, loud music, a lot of alcohol, lighting effects and a group of people that are ready to party. The only thing that you have to bring are the people you want to party with, everything else is on us and we will not disappoint you. We will do everything in our power to make this night one of the best nights of your lives.

Whatever the occasion might be, we will make sure that you and your friends have a great time. One of the key things that are separating us from other companies that have the similar services is the fact that we have some of the most luxuries party buses available. We have put a lot of money into designing and modifying our buses to fit everyone needs. These party buses are equipped with everything from party lighting, comfortable seats, all the way to a fancy bar that is full of all kinds of drinks. For more information, we suggest that you visit our official website:

It is completely up to you and your friends to make these drinks, so you have the freedom of drinking how much you want. You don’t need to worry about how much you can drink because you will be partying inside a bus that is driven by a professional driver who is working for us. Therefore, nobody’s life is put in danger by drinking and driving. That’s one greater reason why you should choose our services because you will not be endangering human lives by driving drunk. You have the freedom to get drunk as much as you can and you will arrive at your destination.

New Player In The Yacht Rental Business

Whole Florida is one big port, and the Miami is the center of it. Miami has numerous boat rental companies, both big and small. We might be a small business, but our aim is high. We plan to rise through the ranks and become one of the largest yacht rental companies in the business.

Our company is small, and we fully own two ships, but our fleet is greater than you might think. This might sound contradictory if you haven’t heard about yacht owner contracting. 
In short, we employ people with their yachts, and we connect them with clients. A relatively straightforward system that keeps everyone happy: us as a connection, owners as providers of the service and customers that get exactly what they want.

Types of yachts in our fleet

Now, we advertise diversity in our fleet, and diversity is what we provide. We have all kinds of ships in our employment and all of them are available for renting.

The majority of the boats you see in Miami port are motor yachts. They are perfect for luxurious cruises near the coast. Our orientation doesn’t lie in the large motor yachts, but we do have one for renting. The motor boat we have is small, for up to 7 people. We do focus on smaller, private cruises, so it works well for our customers and us.

The majority of ships in our fleet are sailing yachts. The owners are there to man the ship, and your job is to enjoy. These ships have small engines, but they aren’t on as long as there is the wind. There is a good variety of these ships in our fleet, from small ships that can carry two people plus crew, up to big sailing vessels that can host small parties.

If you know how to drive an open yacht, then you might opt for renting one of those. Our two ships are there at your discretion. You don’t need a crew as only one person can operate this type of vessel. Our yachts have everything from Jacuzzi to a mini bar. Feel free to check them out and book a cruise on one of them.

Some people love multi-hull ships, also known as catamarans. We do have several of those in our offer. Renting them is not cheap as they provide a high level of luxury and comfort. Our connections give us the power to offer you rental prices that will satisfy every client.

Our prices – unparalleled, our services – supreme

We offer short charter cruises, lasting up to 24 hours. The courses are already listed, and you can choose which one to pick.
Longer cruises are also available. Those that want to travel to a location in the Mexican Gulf and Central America are welcome to look through the courses we have.
We are sorry to say that our long cruises are somewhat limited in numbers. We do have few boats that will take you on a cruise around Mexican Gulf, but the variety of the vessels for this type of voyage is limited.

Enjoy the Mexican Gulf With One Of Our Yachts

You want to go on an open sea and enjoy throughout the day? You want to fish and leave all the problems on the land? If you found one of those questions relevant, then welcome, you have found the right place. We rent yachts. We also do more than that; we rent our time to provide a full experience of a cruise to each and every one of our customers.

The composition of our fleet

Entering a market, as developed as the rental business, is very hard. And due to that, we decided to take it by the storm. Instead of starting with a boat or two, we have created a fleet of yachts for our customers. The composition of our fleet can be explained in a single word, and that word is diversity.

In this business, the diversity is everything. We can offer cruises other companies can’t, simply because we have a broad range of different boats in our port. We offer both the multi and monohull ships. The difference is mostly cosmetic, but we try to appeal to a broad audience.

Miami has a wide variety of people, from well-known celebrities to people that want to rent a boat as a part of their vacation. We have both small and big boats, and we rent them all. The price of the rental depends on the length of the ship and different services customer requests.

We connect yacht owners with the clients

Entering a rental business with a fleet would be extremely expensive if we bought all of the boats we have. Instead of that, we have created a very simple network of yacht owners that work for us. Our headquarters are in Miami, and so we decided to call this system a Miami yacht party rental.

This is a simple system that makes all of the parties within it satisfied. We contact people with yachts and offer them charters through which they can earn money to cover the maintenance expenses as well as the mortgage loan.

If they accept, they become a part of our fleet. We list their boat on our web page and wait for a customer to ask for it. Once that happens, we arrange the cruise route with the owner and we finish the final contract details with both parties.

This system is very rewarding, for us, for the yacht owners and the clients. We get a small portion of the money as we are the central figure that connects the two parties. Owners get their share, and they get a step closer to owning the boat and repaying the mortgage. And the clients experience great voyage with a captain that knows everything about the ship and everything else connected to the sailing.
Our entry in rental business isn’t some short-term plan. We improve the conditions of the fleet and introduce new boats to it on a daily basis. Miami is just a beginning. We plan to expand our fleet and, if possible, create a new one.

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